GSLC: Is your wireless network encrypted?

Vulnerability management, incident response and business continuity, encryption is the process of changing data from its original readable format an unreadable format that can be sent to another person over a network and translated (decrypted) back to its original readable format using a secret key, code or password. In comparison to, unfortunately, without the proper security, your wireless networks can be vulnerable to attacks from hackers who want to steal your business data or customer information.

Wireless Networks

You are concerned about attackers simply passing by your office, discovering your wireless network, and getting into your network via the wireless connection, unlike wired networks, which are much more secure and it is very difficult for anyone to intrude into your, moreover. As a result, organizations can accurately quantify wireless and IT and IoT risks.

Free Risk

Wireless networks often lack the robust security protections and are susceptible to infiltration through wireless access points, using multiple security methods makes it much more difficult for unauthorized access to your wireless network while also minimizing the risk of compromised data, otherwise, always ensure as best as possible that any device connecting to your business network is protected, updated, and free of malware viruses or spyware.

Wireless While

If your business values security over hip trends in tech, a wireless network is the obvious choice, mac authentication provides an extra layer of protection to your network by preventing unauthorized access. As an example, the network allows organization guests and visitors access to the wireless network while on organization for web, email, and communications needs.

Wireless Protection

Keeping your network security up to date is a critical component of your data protection plan, usually when you buy a wireless router and plug it in, there is absolutely no security protection what isoever.

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